The Streets of Woodfield is a Unique Shopping and Dining Destination

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An easy drive from Preserve at Cantera is a unique shopping, dining, and entertainment destination known as The Streets of Woodfield. It is designed as an open-air streetscape concept, and highlights include: Crate & Barrel At Crate & Barrel, the mission is to help people live in moments that matter. The buyers curate inspiration for the home, […]

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Where to Find the Best Sandwiches Around Warrenville


The delis around Warrenville are known for their varied offerings that are sure to please any palate. Those not to be missed include: Halsted Street Deli The Halsted Street Deli is known for its fast, fresh, and friendly service. It strives to create a fun, colorful, and warm atmosphere that brightens everyone’s day, and the deli is […]

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The Best Brunch Restaurants in Warrenville

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Did you know that the word brunch first appeared in an 1895 article by British writer Guy Beringer? He called it “cheerful, sociable, and enticing,” and many historians believe that the first brunches consisted of meats hunted that day, eggs, stews, and sweets. Today, diners often find a brunch menu featuring Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and Denver […]

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