The Best Brunch Restaurants in Warrenville

brunch in Warrenville

Did you know that the word brunch first appeared in an 1895 article by British writer Guy Beringer? He called it “cheerful, sociable, and enticing,” and many historians believe that the first brunches consisted of meats hunted that day, eggs, stews, and sweets. Today, diners often find a brunch menu featuring Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and Denver […]

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Downtown Naperville is Home to a Unique Mix of Shops and Restaurants

things to do in Downtown Naperville

Just ten minutes from Preserve at Cantera is a unique mix of local, regional, and national shopping and dining destinations. We are talking about downtown Naperville, and highlights include: Anderson’s Bookshop At Anderson’s Bookshop, the staff’s mission is to share their passion and knowledge of books and build community through great reads and engaging conversation. It all […]

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Feast on French Toast Around Warrenville

french toast

Did you know that French toast was not invented in France? The first reference to this popular dish dates back to fourth century Rome, which is before France existed as a country. If you would like to enjoy French toast for breakfast, the best nearby restaurants include: Egg Harbor Cafe The Egg Harbor Cafe specializes in gourmet breakfast creations, […]

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