Enjoy an Exhilarating Hour at a Warrenville Escape Room

escape room

Escape rooms are live interactive adventure games where teams need to search for clues, solve puzzles, and open locks to escape before their time expires.

If you would like to enjoy an hour of heart-pumping fun, the best escape rooms around Warrenville include:

iPanic Escape Room

At the iPanic Escape Room, visitors find state-of-the-art rooms complete with cutting edge mechanical props. The games are designed to challenge adult groups, and all have a time limit of sixty minutes. 

Teams looking for a challenge will want to try The Heist. It’s the hardest of all the games, and players must break into an art gallery and steal the Mona Lisa before the cops arrive. Can you escape before getting handcuffed?

Legendary Escape Room

Called one of the “Top Ten Best Escape Rooms in America,” Legendary is where your adventure is powered by teamwork. It’s found in Aurora behind the Ballydoyle Irish Pub, and advanced reservations are required.

One of the games includes Traumatized, and it welcomes up to ten players. You’ve been captured by Dr. Trauma, an infamous and elusive serial killer. The FBI is closing in, but the agents might not be able to help in time. Can you find a way to escape before becoming the doctor’s next victim?

Cluedin Escape Room

Nestled in nearby Glen Ellyn, Cluedin features immersive stories and themes that both entertain and challenge everyone from start to finish. The games were built for adults, and are designed for an hour of play.

The Game Master is perfect for beginners. You’ll need to solve a board game and video game puzzles to save the mayor who was kidnapped by the Game Master. Can you rescue the mayor before time runs out?

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