Fabulous Parks, Forests, and Nature Preserves in Warrenville, Illinois

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Warrenville is a small midwest town folded into vast, wild spaces lying west of the metropolis of Chicago. It’s a cozy suburb to call home, especially for nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts. Residents of the Preserve at Cantera enjoy easy access to a plethora of neighboring parks, forests, waterways, and nature preserves. The places listed below are only a snippet of what awaits nearby:

Warrenville Grove 

This long-standing forest preserve offers 127 acres of land less than a mile north of the community. The park includes woodlands, marshlands, and meadows near Silver Lake. Warrenville Grove serves as a historic backdrop (established in 1923) for hiking trails, picnic areas, and coastline fishing. The site is recognized as the first nature preserve established in the district, offering long-standing natural value to the surrounding communities.

Herrick Lake 

One of the area’s most popular natural encampments, Herrick Lake boasts an astounding 887 acres of preservation territory home to hundreds of wildlife species including birds, amphibians, deer, coyotes, and raccoons.┬áThe west entrance to the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is just two miles from the Preserve at Cantera in Warrenville. Within the park, nature lovers have the opportunity to utilize more than 7 miles of trails suitable for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and cross country skiing plus numerous fishing and picnicking sites. Boats, kayaking, and rowboats are also welcome in the warm seasons.

McDowell Grove

Barely a five-minute drive southwest, residents can also delight in the historic McDowell Grove. A stunning mix of mature woodlands, prairie, and meadows frame the 22-acre Mud Lake as well as the West Branch DuPage River. Serving as a conservation area since the 1930’s McDowell Grove is a well-known park for fishing, boating, and picnicking. It also features looping limestone trails suitable for cross country skiing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

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