Look Your Best with Molly Grace Photography

Do you need a professional portrait done? How about family pictures? Do you need to commemorate a certain accomplishment or to use photos as a gift? Have you been thinking about modeling? Molly Grace Photography serves men and women near our apartments for rent in Warrenville, and she can bring her artistic talent straight to you. Ms. Grace can take your pictures anywhere that fits your aesthetic, whether outdoors, in a studio, or in an urban setting.

Modern or Minimal?       

A modern session includes having your hair and makeup completed by a professional artist who takes the stress away from doing all of this yourself. This is perfect for aspiring models and actors. You begin the session feeling either beautiful or handsome, inspired, and ready to go. The most important ingredient in getting a great shot is to relax and have fun. This also saves time when you have many settings to diversify your portfolio. This session lasts under four hours, with two-to-three settings and up to four clothing changes. 

A minimal session consists of you expressing yourself with hair and makeup your way, not theirs. This is great for men, and it emphasizes your natural look, which is great for corporate shots. The pictures can be taken fairly quickly without compromising value. These sessions are can be done during a lunch hour, or otherwise, fit into a busy schedule. You have the choice of one setting and two clothing changes.

Each experience is completely customizable to your liking.

The Photographer

The photographer, Molly Grace, wants to capture your image just the way you are right now. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design. She has done weddings, senior portraits, or just about anything you need. Her goal is for you to be the designer of your custom prints and to be happy and proud of the work you created. She just captures a moment in time; you are the artist. 

Needs new clothes for your shoot? Our community also puts you close to amazing shopping options. Preserve at Cantera gives you the lifestyle that you deserve. Please, contact us with any questions that you may have and to schedule a private tour. We are the best of the ‘burbs in Warrenville.

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